StatisticsReview of Art by Avid"I don't do stylized, glamorous, dramatically posed digitally enhanced color photography.

I don't pose a family of seven standing in forest with matching blue shirts, wearing matching khaki pants, that were purchased a half hour ago, everyone smiling for the camera, all hands in pockets.

I don't stand a pregnant woman on a rock in the ocean at sunset or sunrise dressed in gossimer flowing apparel, full makeup, and a perfect hair-do, dramatically gazing out to sea.

I don't pose little girls in an old wash tub wearing large straw hats, or floppy little hats, or big daiseys in their hands, or their hair overly curled with a big pink bow, smiling for the camera.

I don't pose little boys wearing their fathers ties, with spiked hair, or granpa's old hat, in color with a compelling set up background. smiling for the camera

I certainly mean no disrespect, and this is not a judgement, but rather an objective observation of what is routinely offered in the way of contemporary family photography. It's like fluffy magazine ads without the copy. No spark of real life. No resemblance to the beautiful people we wake up with, hair naturally mussed with a giant cowlick , sleepers in the eyes!!, you know the ones that bring delight into our lives most every day... just by being their natural wondrous selves. Like we have to add a whole lot of stuff so they will then be acceptable enough to photograph and view. And as one looks from one to the next of these photographic offerings it becomes apparent that most seem to be imitating each other.

What i notice about life is that it is not squeaky clean, it does not present itself without a hair out of place. And it doesn't need more than itself to be perfect and beautiful. I see perfection and beauty in all things whether it be a a puddle in the street or a work by Michelangelo. I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.

I see the human form as the mask of the spirit. When I look at people the mask seems to fall away and all I see is spirit and beauty. Photography for me is just a medium to capture a signature of that spirit and beauty, and chronicle it on black and white print paper so that all may witness the indescribable beauty of life as I do.

The great eastern poet Rumi said it best for me, "I have no more words, let the soul speak with the silent articulation of a face."

So, if what you want is what I outlined in the beginning of my rambling rant (!!!) it's available in most every mall and on every website!

On the other hand if what you want is the power, beauty, perfection and truth that resides in life as it is, pure and untouched, chronicled through the medium of black and white print photography, check the images on this site. If they speak to you, contact me, and we can dance.


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